Join Sheila on a journey through a magical land visiting families struggling to be kind in an unkind world.

Creating Kindness at Home is a storybook parenting resource that helps parents see what they can do to foster kindness and compassion in their homes.

From an engaging story-line, poignant real-life stories, and practical tools families can use, Sheila guides parents from doable first steps to an inspiring future where our children are compassionate problem solvers. Based on the work Sheila continues to complete with families across the globe, she shares the truth about the difficulties in living a kindness lifestyle and buoys the reader with the nuts and bolts to be successful despite difficulties. Just what a parent needs to engage kids with kindness!

You’ll meet the Unkind Dragon, a group of Family Guardians, hear how the neighbors poisoned Sheila’s lawn (totally true story), and learn how she has mentored other families to live a kindness lifestyle. And, by the end of the book, you’ll have discovered the tools that you need to use to begin a transformation in your own family!

This is a parenting book you can use WITH your kids. At bedtime, read to them the Tales From the Land of Elan included in the book. You’ll see  how families like your family have tackled the unkind dragons of life successfully.

To Be Released in Winter 2023!

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