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Act of Kindness: Care Package for Friend in the Hospital

We have a sweet friend who is in the hospital and has a long road to recovery ahead of her.  We decided to send her a small care package.  What at the store, I pointed out to the boys things that I wanted when I had an extended stay in the hospital, and the boys chose:  socks, cute hair clips, and an itunes card.

If you need ideas, here are some links.  Please be mindful that the person hospitalized might be on a special diet as ordered by the doctors.  (snacks for loved ones might be appreciated)


The boys made cards for her.  (Yes, that is our laundry on the couch.  Our new rule:  First, do a “Penny of Time,” THEN do chores.  My boys came up with the rule.

And, as it happens sometimes when you get kids working on something, some marker got on the carpet.   So, we worked as a team to get it cleaned up.

The boys were very excited to wrap and get the care package ready to be mailed.  Evy remembers the packages he got while he was in the hospital.  So, he was particularly excited!