Children’s Book on Positive Words: “Martin’s Big Words”

Today, we read Martin’s Big Words and watched sections of his “I Have a Dream” speech.

The boys were very thoughtful and quiet through the reading and discussion on the power of words and the words that MLK, Jr. used.  The 6 year old has a sense of what Martin Luther King, Jr. did during his lifetime.

And, I think they both were listening to the message of his speech.  Though, one of the first questions they asked was,”Where did the color in the TV go?”  The video of the speech is in black and white, of course.

I asked my six year old what he thought of learning about MLK, Jr.’s life.  He responded with,”It made me sad to hear that kids and grown-ups were so mean and unfair.  He was really brave.  And that Rosa lady was brave, too.  I am glad that they knew how to be brave.”

We talked about the power of words.  We focused on postive words.  They learned about compliments.  And, we decided to give a compliment to every one we talked to today.  We also have a secret “service” act planned for someone that we think is especially positive with words.

We are halfway through the day, and the boys LOVE seeing people light up when they say something nice to them.

One of the practice compliments we used was to compliment someone on a hairstyle or pair of shoes.  My four year old loves running around telling people that:  I WUV your shoes!!!!

Don’t have the book?  Check out this video of the book:

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