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Children’s Book on Empathy: “Stand in My Shoes”

Stand in My Shoes is written by Bob Sornson and illustrated by Shelley Johannes.  It is about a little girl in her quest to learn to think from another’s perspective, recognize need, and see ways to help fill those needs.  In this book, bob Sornson takes the reader through 9 different situations where someone needs help and the main character tries to imagine what that person is going through and attempts to help.

After reading the story and discussion the situations, we decided to try and look at life from the perspective of the members in our family.

We wanted to answer the questions:

  • What bothers this person?
  • What makes this person happy?

We gathered up our shoes, took turns standing in each other’s shoes and tried to image what it is like to be the other person in order to answer the questions.

Some of the answers were funny:

When wearing my shoes, to answer the question “What bothers Mom?”–one boy answered “smelly toots.”  The other boy said, “when we don’t eat our food.”  And, I realized that he was right!  It bothers me when the boys don’t eat.

The activity just took a few minutes but we learned that we knew quite a bit about each other.  When we didn’t really know the answer, other members of the family chimed in to help out.  And, it is always silly fun to try and walk around in someone else’s shoes!

Teaching Empathy: Stand in My Shoes

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