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Children’s Book on Kindness: “Being Frank”

Being Frank is written by Donna Earnhardt.

>And, frankly, it was a delightful read for us.  Frank always speaks the truth, very bluntly.  In this story, he is guided by his grandfather on how to speak kindly.

We had a great discussion about how our words affect others, the importance of being honest, and how to be kind when we are being honest.  It was great for my sons to also talk about how to make friends and the mantra that a wise mentor taught me:

When speaking:  is it true, is it nice, is it necessary?
With most of our book adventures, recently, we have focused on positive words, how what we say to people can affect them, and how to practice being nice with what we say.
Recently, my four year old saw that his dad was in a rough spot.  My son turned to me and said,”I’ll go and give Dad a component and help him.”
Taking the time each day to directly teach my children to love others and serve others is having a marvelous effect on our family.