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Children’s Book on Kindness: Heroes of the Vegetable Patch

Heroes of the Vegetable Patch is a book by Ulf Stark and Charlotte Ramel that I found at IKEA for $4 here in the US.  Not only is it a great value for a hardback book, but it is a sweet story about two kids that shrink to the size of a radish and learn the value of helping and taking care of the Earth through being temporary caretakers of a vegetable garden.  This book illustrates to children the concept of kindness in a whimsical way!

The illustrations are just darling and I found my youngest curled up the book repeatedly this week.

Here are some of the things we discussed:

  • Why do we treat things better when we are in charge of taking care of it?
  • Was it really worth doing so much for the “old lady” in the story?
  • How can kids help adults?
  • What about the value of life of insects?  When should we decide to help or get rid of an insect? (a big conversation since we live in the land of biting ants and poisonous spiders)
  • What is dill? What is a radish?

This would be a great book to read year round but also on Earth Day.  We will certainly be revisiting this story again and again!

If you are looking for ideas for Earth Day, which is on April 22nd, check out the Serve Animals/Be Good Stewards of Nature pinterest board.