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Service Project for Kids: Comfort Items to Give to Cancer Patients

Depending on the chemotherapy treatment, some patients are admitted to the hospital for the treatment and others go to a clinic for several hours at a time, multiple times.  One of the side effects of the treatment is extreme cold and discomfort. In gathering ideas from REAL moms of kids going through chemotherapy, we heard that the following items were the most helpful to provide warmth and comfort.  If you experienced something differently or have other suggestions, please comment below or contact us.

Note:  If you are considering donating comfort items to a hospital or oncology unit, instead of a loved one going through chemotherapy, I suggest that you contact them first to see what their guidelines are for donated items, particularly ones that are handmade.

List of Comfort Items:
Soft blankets
Soft socks or slippers
Cheerful pillowcases
Comfy hats or caps
Making Handmade Comfort Items

If you are crafty or are wanting to learn a skill for a good cause, there are great directions out there on how to make comfort items by hand.

Fleece Hat



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