Is talking about kindness okay? I mean to ask, is it bragging when we talk about how we have been kind? Or that good deed that was done?

The Short Answer: Is it bragging? No.

A wise friend once told me that what we believe about the world is derived from the stories we hear about the world. If we only hear negative stuff, we think the world is bad. But, when people around us share about the stories of kindness they’ve given and the acts of kindness that they have received, then we start seeing the wonder and beauty of the people around us and across the world.

The Longer Answer: Is talking about kindness bragging? It depends on your purpose. If in your heart you are talking about that amazing donation you gave to the animal shelter because you are seeking attention or trying to look good, then the disingenuine nature of why you are doing it robs you of the goodness that can come from such an altruistic move of donating. And, that spotlight will be very short-lived anyway.

So, let’s just say that we aren’t trying to look better than anyone else when we talk about an act of kindness. I’m gonna say that we are trying to share a genuine, meaningful experience when we share a kindness that has been done.

Who wants to hear about these kindnesses that are happening?


One chilly morning, right in the middle of flu season, three year old Little Brother and his mom noticed the dozens of trashcans lining the curbs of their neighborhood. 

Little Brother (stopping his bike and looking down the street): Don’t they know they’ll get a mean postcard from the neighborhood if they don’t bring their trash cans in?

Mom: I am sure they do, Hon. This is pretty unusual to see so many. I wonder why.

Little Brother: Well, remember you forgot to bring in the trash cans when you were sick? Maybe that is why.

Mom: You could be right.

Without another word, Little Brother left his bike on the ground and started bringing trash cans up to the garages.

Mom: How many are we going to do?

Little Brother: All of them.

We want to hear your stories of kindness! 

Did your kid or a kid you know do something kind for another? Did your family provide a helping hand or do a good deed or service project?

Tell us! We are listening!

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