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Pennies of Time is an established 501(c)(3) organization.
All donations are tax deductible.

100% Volunteer Operation

Pennies of Time is a 100% volunteer operation. All costs for programs to support families, acts of kindness, service projects, and online expenses are completely shouldered by the pockets and skills of volunteers.

Which means 100% of your donation benefits our programs and initiatives.

If you’d like to sponsor a specific service project, please contact Sheila. It creates giggles to partner with others on service projects that kids do.

Donations are used to shoulder the cost of developing and providing programming for families and to provide free resources for families and volunteer organizations.

Pennies of Time does need you! Running the organization and fulfilling our mission takes a treasure chest of skills and knowledge. In fact, we are 100% run by volunteers. All the content, the amazing website, and the Kindness Academy is provided through the generous donation of time and skills. Give Sheila an email and let her know you’d like to join our group of fun-loving and kindness minded humans!

All donors will receive a tax reciept at the end of the calendar year. If you do not receive one or need one sooner, please email and we’ll make sure you get what you need.

No. In fact, all Board Members donate to Pennies of Time. They commit their time, knowledge, and money to supporting our mission and families.

Good question! No. Periodically,  you will receive emails from us showing you the accomplishments that were made possible through your donations. You won’t wnt to miss hearing about program impact and the inspiring stories of families helping others. (You can always opt out of those emails.)

Pennies of Time provides programming and support for families to take the steps to build kindness habits that will last a lifetime. 

In the past, we’ve provided several programs, such as:

  • The Family Kindness Adventure Program: An eight week, kindness filled adventure, guided by Sheila.
  • One-on-One Mentoring with Parents
  • Consulting engagements helping nonprofits become more kid- and family-friendly and allowing kids to volunteer (That is so needed!)
  • Large and small group presentations and targeted trainings.
  • Virtual events like the Virtual Kindness Summer Camps and Kindness Celebrations provided through The Kindness Academy
  • Local kindness events such as Family Service Days, Kindness Carnivals, and Act of Kindness Booths at family events that include our Wheel of Kindness!

We now have data (along with great stories) that we were able to capture on what happens to families while participating in our programs.

Data shows that families that complete programs provided by Pennies of Time:

  • Say that they fight less after completing the program compared to how much they fought before working with us.
  • Report that their levels of happiness are higher at the end of the program than they scored at the beginning.
  • Express greater confidence in knowing how to teach their kids to be kind. They have a greater knowledge base and the tools needed to make acts of kindness fun and meaningful.
  • Establish long-term ties to local community service opportunities, seen through building lasting relationships to nonprofits in their area.

All donations are appreciated and will be put to the use of teaching kids to serve, sharing the message of the power in being kind, and spreading more kindness across the world. Donations go towards funding kindness events, parent trainings, presentations, service projects, and acts of kindness all designed to help families integrate kindness into busy schedules and raise compassionate problem solvers

Here is what people say about Pennies of Time:

  • “Our family needed this, I mean, REALLY needed this.
  • “The kids are changing their ME mentalities bit by bit with each service we provide another.”
  • “When putting together homeless care packages, my eight year old went and took some of his own things to put inside those packages without a moment’s hesitation.  And, he made sure that we didn’t go deliver those packages without him.”
  • “We had the best time after our day of service.  When we got home, my son wrapped up a favorite toy to pass along to his sister. Be still my heart.”
  • “Pennies of Time is changing our communities, is changing my family!  This simple, caring idea is having a powerful influence on others!”
  • “It was nice to hear my daughter talk about how simple it is to make someone happy sometimes, and how good it feels.”

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