Elementary School

When starting elementary kids on the journey of learning to be kind, focus acts of kindness on people that they know, on people they can help in their community. Keeping the result of their kindness acts closer to what they know increases the impact that they see. Using books and object lessons are very powerful learning experiences for this age group!

Kindness Kit

“Mom, Mom! That is Allie’s car!” Little Brother couldn’t contain his excitement; he had spotted his babysitter’s car in the parking lot. I looked over to where he pointed, and sure enough, there was her little blue bug. “Mom, get

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Thanking the Mail Carrier

“Who is someone that visits your house almost every day of the week and knows your name?” Looking around the 1st-grade classroom, the kids gave a mixture of thoughtful and stumped expressions. Nearing the end of my presentation on community

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Summer of Kindness

As I poured a new version of the pineapple Popsicle mixture into the molds, Little Brother waited patiently with the sticks, ready to place them in the mold. “Mom,” he asked. “Hmm,” I distractedly responded. “Can we made a deal?”

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Acts of Kindness to do on the Sabbath

Sunday Acts of Kindness!

Rushing through the door, *almost* late for church, I realized I forgot to put food in the crockpot for dinner. “Oh, well. Looks like it is breakfast for dinner again.” Getting out the door hangs as a constant challenge we tackle

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