Elementary School

When starting elementary kids on the journey of learning to be kind, focus acts of kindness on people that they know, on people they can help in their community. Keeping the result of their kindness acts closer to what they know increases the impact that they see. Using books and object lessons are very powerful learning experiences for this age group!

Helping Refugees with Your Kids

Big Brother gently pulled on my hand and whispered, “Mom, are they refugees?” Thanksgiving weekend was the first time that we crossed paths with a refugee from Syria. You know how it happened? A man and his son approached us in a

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Unplanned Kitchen Kindness

I woke up 30 minutes before the alarm went off a bit puzzled. What woke me up? Listening, I realized I was hearing some clanging from the kitchen. The rest of the family rested quietly in their beds. What was

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Is Apathy a Learned Behavior Pennies of Time

Is Apathy a Learned Behavior?

Even from their youngest years, toddlers respond to other children when they are upset, even go so far as to offer their own toys or snacks to help quell distress and crying. So, how does apathy begin? You know what

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