Elementary School

When starting elementary kids on the journey of learning to be kind, focus acts of kindness on people that they know, on people they can help in their community. Keeping the result of their kindness acts closer to what they know increases the impact that they see. Using books and object lessons are very powerful learning experiences for this age group!

Acts of Kindness at the Hotel

  During our recent Kindness Quest Road Trip, we really tried to find ways to be kind during our entire vacation. One of the easiest places to complete acts of kindness is at the hotel. While we were there, we left

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Act of Kindness: Kids Help the Homeless

While on our Kindness Quest during Spring Break in New Orleans, both boys were extremely concerned about those that were homeless. We had prepared two homeless care kits, but that preparation was inadequate, in their eyes, for the need they

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Act of Kindness: Helping a Man in Need

While out celebrating a birthday, we noticed a man at a picnic table watching another family eating. He was sitting to the side, watching the family, which, it turns out, was also celebrating a birthday. As I watched the scene

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