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Family Act of Kindness: Breakfast in Bed for the Kids

When you are teaching your children to serve others, it is important for them to experience the joy of being on the receiving end of kindness and service.  Acts of kindness for the kids are just as important as acts of kindness that kids can do.

Little Brother had a difficult week. On Thursday, he said, “Mom, my heart just hurts.”Things just were not going his way.  Big Brother was hitting several milestones at once, and Little Brother was feeling left behind.

I couldn’t really fix anything for him and was at a loss. So, I asked, “How can I help?”

“I really want one of those fancy breakfasts in bed.”Hmmmmmmmm. A fancy breakfast in bed. I can totally do that.

On Friday, I shopped for Little Brother, getting all the ingredients necessary for a special breakfast. I also dipped into the “save for later” present pile that I have and pulled out a small animal I had been saving for him.On Saturday morning, I whipped up the breakfast with his favorites, added *real* flowers, used real plates,and even added a fun, *breakable* glass for his orange juice. The kids were greeted with a fancy breakfast in bed.

I had the greatest time waking him up.

Mom (whispering):  Hey!  Good morning!  Look at what arrived for you!

Little Brother:  Oh, wow.  For me!

He just couldn’t believe his luck.  He sat there looking at the plate and moving it all around to look at for about 10 minutes before he started eating.

Little Brother:  This makes my heart so happy and I am so full of thanks for you, and you, and you, and for all these favorite things on my breakfast!

Two things stand out for me from this experience:
1) He was able to articulate something positive that he needed to experience.
2) He was able to be on the receiving end of kindness and love.  We all need to experience that!

What joy was in his face because he was the recipient of an act of kindness!