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Family Act of Kindness: Mirror Love Messages

Mirror Love Messages

Showing family members deliberate kindness can be fun and easy.  Using everyday objects and materials makes it even easier.

Of course you can use the ole ‘write a message when the mirror is steamed up’ . . . but my kids KNOW when I am in the bathroom and doing it that way wouldn’t be a surprise for them.

Instead, I use old eyeliner, crayons (harder to get off), dry erase markers, and there are even markers made for the purpose of writing on mirrors (we love to use those).

We are pretty stealth about it.  When the kids were younger, we utilized our stick drawing skills to draw happy pictures.  Now that they are getting to the point where they can read (or even just recognize their name in print), we are having a fun time leaving them loving notes on the mirror.

“Moomm! Look at our mirror! When did you do that?” No matter how many times we leave notes like this, the kids get excited.

Not only do they love it, but it inspires them to leave loving notes as well.  Big Brother and Little Brother left their own love messages to us on our mirrors.  Recently, we found this note in our bathroom.

Mirror Love Messages from the Kids

How do you teach your family members to be kind to each other?