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Family Fun Activities to Give to Others

Many families spend time and effort in giving to their neighbors, friends, and family in acknowledgment of the love and appreciation that they have for them. Many give for reasons that are tied to religious holidays and traditions.

Do you ever struggle with what to give?

The cost of giving to others can add up quickly, and the pace of the season often leaves us too busy with tasks instead of thinking of people.

My family really enjoys getting gifts that we can do as a family.  I decided to think of a way to give a gift that the family could do together *and* that would also help them make a connection with others.

And, what can be more fun doing as a family then doing something for someone else?  An act of kindness that can be done as a family?

How about a Family Fun Activity with a treat and a plan for an Act of Kindness?  This is an opportunity to give all the materials to a family for an act of kindness; making it easy for that family to help others.

My husband was like:  You are giving an act of kindness where they will give or do something for someone else?  YES!  Exactly!  All in a Family Fun Kit.

Family Fun Activity Kit to Give to Others
. . . Includes an Act of Kindness . . .

This post includes the instructions for 4 distinct family activities that you can give to your friends, neighbors, and family.  There are free printables for each one that outline the materials you need and a set of instructions for the family on what do to for the act of kindness.

Step 1
Pick the Activity that you think the
family would like best! 
Not sure what they are?
Click on the links below to see how we’ve done them in the past.
We picked our favorite to share with others.
Each act of kindness we have done repeatedly, and my boys enjoy doing this together as a family.
Step 2
Print the Appropriate Kit
Each kit has:
  • A Note to the Family–It includes an explanation and a place for your to write a personalized note.
  • Instructions for YOU on how to put the kit together (including materials needed).
  • Instructions for a Family Fun Activity (an act of kindness) for you to place in the kit.
Click on the act of kindness 
you would like to print!
Family Fun Activity Kit:  Busy Books to Donate to the Hospital–Click Below!
Family Fun Activity Kit:  Letters to the Senior Home–Click Below!
Family Fun Activity Kit:  Treats for the Mail Carrier–Click Below!
Family Fun Activity Kit:  Happy Sidewalk Messages–Click Below!
 Step 3
Gather Supplies
All you need to get together is outlined in the instructions sheet (included in the links above).  The Family Fun Kit with Busy Books is the one that takes the most amount of supplies to gather (crayons, coloring books, and ziplock bags).  The other acts of kindness have minimal materials needed.  It is that easy!
Step 4
Write a Note to the Family
There is space on “Happy Holidays!” sheet that will print with the instructions.  Take a moment and write a note of thanks, love, or a holiday greeting!
Step 5
Add a Treat
The treat can be as simple as hot chocolate and marshmallows, a loaf of bread, fruit, a package of cookies from your local market, or your favorite cheese and crackers.  In fact, if you don’t want to give a treat or want to place an alternative, go for it.  In the Letters to the Senior Home, we placed markers.  And, for one kit we are giving away, we are also giving a poinsettia.  (There is nothing in the kit that says they will be getting anything like a treat.)
Step 6
Package It Up
Use whatever you have at your disposal.  (paper bags, gift bags, shoe boxes, or even wrapped up in material that can be used again)  We used cardboard drink carriers that we collected over the summer.  We added some stamps, a merry message, lots of drawings from the kids, and created a masterpiece to carry our ingredients for the acts of kindness.
Got it all packaged up?
Time to DELIVER!!
We always have a buddy system when delivering our goodness anonymously!  No pictures of us running, but when we do this, there is always running and GIGGLING and LAUGHING and almost getting caught!