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Family Service Projects During the Holidays

This year, as a family, we are working to help out Captain Hope’s Kids.  We are getting the word out and collecting donations for this organization that helps shelters that serve children that are homeless.

To do this, we decided as a family how to involve our community.

One of the things that we decided to do was to talk to our neighbors.  The boys decided to go door to door and talk to them and show them some of the things that are needed.

Here we are making our posters:
And, then we practiced what the boys wanted to say.
And, we are off to talk to others about helping out an organization that we want to serve.
Captain Hope’s Kids can always use the help of volunteers and general donations of toiletries, diapers, formula, clothes (children come in all sizes), and coats.
 ***Note:  This evening the boys were able to visit three neighbors and tell them about their service project!  They were brilliant! And the kind responses from our neighbors were just what my boys needed to feel confident to continue to ask others to help them with this service project.
The boys took the initiative in talking with our neighbors.  It was clear as they shared what they wanted to do that it was coming from their own motivations.  We did have to help out in explaining now and then, but, overall, the boys were able to communicate the important aspects of their project.
Kids can do great things.

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Consider helping out children in foster care for your family service project: