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Fun Summer Service Ideas!

Service Ideas for Summer Weather!

Most people think of the holiday time to help others.  Organizations and people in our community need help year round. 

We live in an area that heats up pretty quick. So, we’ve been brainstorming and asking others what we should do this summer for our daily acts of service, our “Pennies of Time” adventures.

Try out these ideas to get your young kids out in the community during those hot summer months!

Service Fun with Water

Providing Relief from the Heat

      • Hand out cold water bottles to the mail carrier, garbage collector, construction workers, and homeless.
      • Hold a lemonade stand for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. A charity to help raise money for childhood cancer.
      • Hand out popsicles or a refreshing beverage at the park.
      • Give away some cool breezes with some spray bottle fans.
      • Make snow cones and take them to people. (You have to be quick in the heat.)
      • Pre-scoop ice cream scoops, freeze in a give-away container, and deliver to those who need a some special cheer on a hot afternoon.
      • Pay for someone else to get ice cream from the ice cream truck.
      • Bring over cold drinks and share them with a neighbor.

Take a look at how “I Can Teach My Child” provided relief from the heat with a Water Wagon!  Great idea!

Serve While Being Out and About

See how “The Homeschool Village” shares 7 ideas to serve through exercise

 Gather High-Need Supplies
      • Participate in a fan drive that donates fans to those who need one, particularly the elderly or just donate a couple of fans to people that need one.
      • For your favorite charity, donate a box of 4th of July party supplies. Provide streamers, blowers, and table decorations.
      • Create a game night for a local group home.  Donate gently used board games and snacks.
      • Fill bags with bug spray, sunscreen, and sidewalk chalk.  You can bring the bags to a park to give away or donate to a school, the teachers know which families could use them.
        Have a potluck brunch with friends and family and have each family bring food for a food drive to help out a local food pantry.
      • Get a jump start on school supply needs by holding a school supply drive for a homeless shelter for children.