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Giving the Gift of Time to the Chronically Ill

I have a close friend who has three children that have rare diseases. In the center of my heart, I wish that I could cure her kids, do SOMETHING that would result in a cure and take away that heartache and hardship that she and her family endure. It takes time and research to find cures. I personally won’t be finding a cure for her kids. At the same time, that doesn’t mean that I can’t help her now. Right now, I can show my love and concern for her and her family in ways that are helpful by sharing my time.

The most meaningful experiences that we can have are when we take the time to reach out and care for others. When I gather my courage and reach out to help someone, particularly when involving my kids in the process, we make friends, help those in need, love those in crisis, and forget about our own worries.

At Tri For Better, I share 5 ways we can give of our time to help those in our lives that are always managing their health, their illness.  All but one of the ways I share you can do WITH your kids.  The exception:  Donating plasma.  But, you can bet that I will share pictures, the process, and what the experience was like for me when I go donate plasma for the first time next week.

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