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Bring meaningful and helpful presentations to your group with Pennies of Time!

  • “What a wonderful presentation! This made my whole week better, and I can’t wait to get home and use your ideas!”
  • “I wish I had this presentation when my kids were younger. But, I know that I can use these same ideas with my grandkids to make great memories.”
  • “Sheila has a wonderful stage presence and is a fabulous speaker!”
  • “What an awesome training! The slides were colorful and well-done. Your stories were real and very ‘relate-able.’ I didn’t feel overwhelmed by your suggestions as I often do after a speaker.”
  • “Thank you so much for your ideas and your engaging presentation! I am so excited to begin to develop kindness in my family. Your presentation gave me practical advice and ideas that are easy to implement. Thank you!”

Parenting and kindness expert, Sheila Sjolseth, shares reasonable and powerful strategies to raise kind kids. This proven educator and kindness expert shares the Living Lab of Kindness in her family and the lessons learned from mentoring other families along the way.

From small to large groups, Pennies of Time can share the content and expertise of involving families and kids in being kind at your next event. With proven experience and overwhelmingly positive feedback, our past presentations and trainings have been “effective and fun.” From ideas, strategies, and real-life examples of doing it, Pennies of Time will demystify the process of involving kids in helping others.

“I am always nervous that these parenting courses will make me feel guilty or that I need to do MORE. Not this one! Sheila showed how I could really make a few small changes to start with things that I already do. Thank you!”
– Sharlene, Mom of 6

“It was the perfect amount of information and illustrative stories to help me learn what I needed to get my family to do this. Sheila is terrific!”

Our most popular topics for parenting groups are:

  • The 3 Pillars of How to Build a Happy Family
  • Our Blueprint to Get Kids Serving in the Community (without them complaining!)
  • Four Steps to Infuse Kindness Routines into Your Busy Life
  • Easy Acts of Kindness to do with Your Kids
  • The Surprising and Not-So-Surprising Things that Happen When You Focus on Kindness
  • Books and Kindness: A Great Teaching Strategy

Our most popular topics for school groups are:

  • Don’t Dismiss the Kids: Kids Are Kindness Powerhouses!
  • Detective Kindness: Where did kindness go?
  • SuperPowers: Using your gift to be a superhero to others!
  • Kindness Helps Communities: How we can help community helpers?

We provide trainings and presentations through:

  • In-Person Presentations and Workshops
  • Online Events
  • Conference Calls

Not only do audience members and workshop participants love seeing Sheila in person, but her messages also make a difference!

“Sheila, I tried out what you said to do with toddlers and feelings this week. It totally worked! I have seen such a change in how Jackson tantrums and bites. Meaning, he is doing it less as I help him with his feelings and talking about feelings. I am amazed that a kindness presentation could help me so much.”
– Jana Johnson, Mom of 3 in Boston

“So, I have really been thinking about what you said about just trying to do this for 10 minutes a day. And, I tried it. I really went in thinking it wouldn’t work. I was wrong. Now, I am not saying we don’t squabble anymore. But, we are arguing less and I am seeing a change. Thank you for surprising me!”
– Kristi, Mom of 4 in Tennessee

“I read One Smile with my son last night. This afternoon, his preschool teacher came up to me and asked me about the book. Evidently, in circle time, he got the whole class talking about kindness and they each tried to do something kind for one another that morning. How simple but powerful! I am going to look for the other books you recommended!”
– Monique Brown, Mom of 2 in Texas

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