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Service Project for Kids: Help a Home for Adults with Special Needs

This past weekend, we joined up at Cornerstone Ranch to help with several service projects going on there.  We had a fantastic time!

Cornerstone Ranch is a home for adults with special needs.  We worked with others, adults and youth, to spread mulch on pathways, clear low hanging limbs, gather fallen branches, and basically spruce up the place after storms created a bit of a mess.  Inside the home, there were staining and painting projects as well as a fundraising project.  Something for everyone!

My 6 year old clearing the path so that it is ready for the mulch.

The boys started by helping to spread the mulch.  My 4 year old was a, um, bit enthusiastic with the rake, using a “I have a sword-rake” motion, but the rest of us stayed clear and were not maimed by his enthusiasm.  (Later, both boys rode around in a wheelbarrow.  “So awesome!” they said.)

Brag moment.  The two boys racing after the truck.  Yeah, those are my boys.   They were running to stay up with the truck so that they wouldn’t miss a moment of helping in any way.  They ran each time the truck moved forward to the next area to clean.

Inside the house, we helped create packets of cards that were created by the residents.  The residents sell cards that they design to help raise money for programs at Cornerstone Ranch.  The cards are beautiful.  We helped them stack and tie the cards into bundles to fill an order.

Cornerstone Ranch was just a lovely place.  We were able to have the luxury to talk to the program director about the work that is done there.  The boys got to visit with the chicken coop!

And, they caught a FROG!

In all, we were there for two and a half hours.  The boys worked outside doing things that were new for them, and they were able to serve alongside us and the other volunteers.  It was a great experience for our family.