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Holiday Kindness Tool-Kit: Ideas and Tools to Get Kindness Going During the Holidays

HolidayKindnessToolkit Holiday Acts of Kindness Holiday Acts of Service

Gathered, right here, are the best resources about giving and acts of kindness during the holiday season. This is a constantly evolving Holiday Kindness Took-Kit. And, as new resources, printables, and ideas are found, we will share them here!

Serving During the Holidays with Your Family

5 Part Series on Serving During the Holidays from Pennies of Time

Holiday Giving Acts of kindness Teach kids to Serve Christmas Act of Kindness

4 Asks of Kindness Activities to Give to Others

(So they can do an act of kindness with their families!)

Free Kindness Printables:

Great Holiday Ideas with a Kindness Twist:

Meaningful Thank Yous:

Love to Use Pinterest for Inspiration?

Then check out the MEGA Pinterest Board with Holiday Kindness Ideas (Board Curated by Pennies of Time)

Operation Christmas Child

Sheila’s Suggested Top 5: Books and Activities to Give During the Holidays

If you are just starting building your kindness library, I would suggest these books. They are books that all of my kids have read over and over and have provided to be springboards of meaningful conversations in our family.


One Smile Kindness Story

If Everybody Did Power of Our Actions Pennies of Time


Being Frank                    One Smile                        If Everybody Did              Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

If you already have those books, you can find more that we use frequently in our Children’s Book Gallery or at one of the resources below:

Other book suggestions to expand your library:


books to inspire kids to change the world


Other Great Places for Kindness Inspiration:

What about after the holidays, Sheila?

Reflect Back: As a family, make a goal around New Year’s Day about your experiences with kindness and serving others during the holidays.

  • Did we have fun?
  • Did we help others? How?
  • Which ones did you like doing? Dislike doing?

Decide on a new goal for the rest of the year and put a timeline with it.

Please don’t just say, “We should do more of that,” and then move on to something else without further thought. DECIDE on how you will do more of that.

Best Practices for Year Round Giving and Kindness:

  • Set a schedule: Once a day, once a week or once a month. You decide what is best for your schedule.
  • Get the entire family’s input on what to do.
  • Make sure that you allow flexibility for those spontaneous moments when you see a need (and then take the time to make sure you help, we keep our Kindness Kit on hand to help us with that).
  • On a routine basis, check in on how your new kindness routine is doing. Did you plan for too few, too many? And, then adjust it!
  • Need ideas? There are so many that can serve as inspiration. Sit down with your family and pick a few ideas from here.

Want to establish a relationship with a nonprofit so you family can give back to a cause you care about?

Then here are tried and true methods from Pennies of Time on how to have a successful conversation to do that.