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I Have an Idea

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Do you doubt ideas that you have when it comes to helping others? I mean, maybe you start to think to yourself, “That mom doesn’t *really* want help.” Or, maybe the doubting drives a fear that the idea to “help” will cause harm. I’ve doubted at times, for sure. (Like when we were on vacation in New Orleans and Big Brother wanted us to help someone, a stranger, move.) Courage in kindness is a skill that requires us to let go of our own egos and just step out and be kind, focusing on the need of another.

Our guest author, Christine Gordon, is one of the most prolific kindness and service idea authors, ever! She constantly is brainstorming opportunities to connect resources in ways that are impact-ful and meaningful. How does she do it? Go ahead and read about how she describes what happens.

kindness ideas

By Christine Gordon

“I have an idea,” is a sentence that is spoken often in our home. Usually by yours truly and is usually met with an eye roll or, “What now?”  The eye roll isn’t intended to be hurtful. I just say “I have an idea” at least 3 times a day.

The other day, I had an idea. Knowing my husband would remind me I have a few things going on right now, I just rolled with it on my own. The idea? An email service that will send out missions to women in our city when each woman contacts us saying “I want in.”

Simple and quick! Let me elaborate. When we get an email, we (meaning me), send a simple email with two choices of activities. For example:

  • “Have your girlfriends over for some bubbly and collect bath products for your local food bank.” OR
  • “Hand out paint chips with fun quotes or a message when you are out and about.”

The suggested ideas often cater to different events going on in our city or helping a food bank who has empty shelves.

After inviting others to participate, I realized in the afternoon that I needed a tiny bit of help. I reached out to my friends with, “I had an idea, and I already went with it . . . .”

They immediately responded with, “What do you need?” AND “I am in! How can I help?” (There was probably an eye roll from one or two of them but I couldn’t see it.)  Not long after, action sparked, and now a logo and Instagram account for our locally focused email delivered missions are now in the works! I have a great team of friends who are new and not sick of me yet :).

You have an idea? Roll with it! Tell your partner or a friend and say, “This is what i need from you.” You could get a no, but how do you know unless you try?

Roll With Your Idea Keeping in Mind the Following:

Keep it simple. My latest idea started with an email address and inviting local women to engage in helping our community by receiving emails with ideas suggesting service or kindness missions. The biggest project I am working on right now had a one-day event and will now have an art sale for a few hours. It was simple but we had a great response!

Worried you won’t have a good turn out? Give people partaking something to take home! We cut up square foot pieces of plywood and invited people to come paint them and told them they could pick them up in a few weeks with a canned food donation. Some took the art home while others said they would be happy to bring a donation and pick it up. Local artists have been donating pieces for us to sell so there is also a draw for that as well.

Have some fun with it! Create an Instagram account so your participants can share pictures, promote your cause, and give you a virtual scrapbook of your hard work!

Know that it is okay for not every idea to perfectly execute. Do not be afraid to run with your idea. I have had many that have been train-wrecks, but I keep going.

“Look for a need, be creative and try to fill that need, and remember:
You are making a difference no matter how big or small the idea is!”

Christine Gordon is a mom of three that serves her community with insight, meaning, plenty of kindness elbow grease, and wit!