Results of Pennies of Time Programming Since 2014

Hours of Direct Service to Families

1,453 Virtual Kindness Camps
863 Family Mentoring
215 Organization Mentoring
903 Events (Online and In-Person)

Pennies of Time provides direct support and services to guide families in the process of learning how to integrate kindness ideas and strategies into their daily habits.

Families across the world complete service projects to help those in their community.


Service Projects Completed by Families

5,004 Homeless Care Kits
12,000 Chemo Care Kits for Kids
20,000 Busy Books for Sick Kids

Our family has changed. I have changed even more. I am so glad I found Pennies of Time. I know you know how much of a mess we were and how I hated motherhood. Your gentle promptings and challenges have been instrumental in giving me hope. I now see the glimmers of kindness in my kids that you said would come. The other day I noticed that Benny doesn’t mad scream at his sister anymore, and he actually drew her a picture when she had a hard day. You and Pennies of Time uplift! The world needs more of this and you.

Susan McLaren, Mom of 3

Hours of Community Service Donated by Families

Kid-driven Service Organizations

Two Pairs Each
Warm Winters Project
One Can Make a Difference
Books for Progress

Supported through programming provided by Pennies of Time, families are engaged in helping their communities across the world more than ever!

Pennies of Time has helped me to focus on teaching my children compassion and empathy, and I've come to realize how life-changing and important this is. It is transforming our family, and I am grateful.

Jennifer, Mom of 2

Pennies of Time

Creates Compassionate Problem Solvers

We envision a world where families are kind, empathetic, and understanding of differences.


Impacting lives of families and those in need in our communities around the world

Building parenting and kindness habits that develop happier families

Teaching families strategies that support developing kids that are kind, compassionate problem solvers

What Makes Us Different

  1. We provide support and ideas that have been proven successful by pilot families. So, we aren’t experimenting on you. We do that part first!
  2. We SHOW you how to do projects, not just tell you a big list that will overwhelm you and make you want to run and hide under the covers.
  3. We support families and equip kids with the power to change the world in small moments each day.
  4. We utilize research-based methodologies to guide our families through the process of teaching their children to be kind and compassionate.
  5. We provide tools, examples, ideas, and programming that meets the busy nature of modern families successfully.

Our Vision of Your Success

  1. You integrate kindness habits into your family’s routine.
  2. Those kindness habits lead to increased happiness in your home. YES! Less fighting!
  3. You decide to do an act of kindness with your family as a regular family time event.
  4. Your children are equipped to be successful in their schooling and in their careers because they can compassionately problem solve and get along with others.
  5. In other words, one parent said,”I am finally teaching my kid how NOT to be a selfish brat. I can see how what we are doing with him will mean that he will leave home and be successful.”

Data for increased problem-solving skills, harmony in the home, decreases in fighting and entitlement are based on programming feedback indicators tracked for families participating in Pennies of Time Kindness Programs. We analyze every program to track effectiveness to help inform the body of research on how kindness habits affect families and how to improve future programming provided by Pennies of Time.

Wondering Where to Start?

This guide will help you take your first steps into a life of kindness.