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Reaching out to help kids, families, communities to build awareness & combat modern-day slavery.

Sharing ideas, events, & bringing others together!

Families want to be involved in helping end modern-day slavery, but nonprofits actively working to end slavery are often ill-equipped to provide information and ACTIONABLE items that families can do. This is where KID Abolitionist provides support.

 “Sheila, I want to teach my kids about modern-day slavery. But, I don’t know where to start. Is it too hard of a topic?”
No, it isn’t. You can start with simple concepts and build from there. This exact scenario is why we started KID Abolitionist.
Starting here, you can find resources to use with your kids, that are family friendly, to start building awareness for your family on this fast growing crime. For in-time updates from other organizations, follow the KID Abolitionist Facebook page.


Series on Ending Modern Day Slavery: What Families Can Do

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What Kids Can Do to End Modern Day Slavery






Check out the course for families on the Kindness Academy!

how to teach kids about modern day slavery


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