Support for You to Help Raise Kind Kids

Lost in trying to teach your kids to be kind?

We are redesigning The Kindness Academy for you!

The Kindness Academy has resources and courses designed to take the complexity and burden out of teaching kids to be kind and think of others.

Based on the research behind kindness and effective teaching strategies, course instructors provide videos, presentations, worksheets, and printables to help you get the Kindness Action going whether in your family, your classroom, or with a group of volunteering kids.


“My oldest two are teenagers. I wish I had these resources when they were little. I will definitely be using Sheila’s ideas with all my kids this week. My advice to other parents: Listen to what Sheila has to say and give it a try!”
Janet, Mom of 4

“I am always nervous that these parenting courses or presentations will make me feel guilty or that I need to do MORE. Not this one! Sheila showed how I could really make a few small changes to start within things that I already do to get this going. Thank you!”
Sharlene, Mom of 6

“Seriously, awesome! I always get caught up in those act of kindness challenges and get some done but feel guilty for not finishing . . . or push my kids too hard to finish. This is a brilliant way to think about it AND if I want to do the next act of kindness challenge I see, I think I know how to do it better.”
Susan, Mom of 3

Stay tuned for more on the new The Kindness Academy!

Check out these ideas in the meantime!