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Kindness at School: Supply Scavenger Hunt

My youngest is taught by a speech therapist in a public school twice a week.  He comes home with the greatest projects, and I noticed that his therapist never asks for school supplies.

So, I asked her this week what she needed.  (Some people really need encouragement to share where they need help!)

Armed with a very simple list, I noticed that most of the items she asked for we already had.  After a quick trip to the store where I spent $1.64 on paper bowls, we had a supply scavenger hunt at home to find the rest of the items.

Through this hunt we found empty toilet paper rolls, an egg carton, material scraps, empty peanut butter jars, and other tidbits that were on the list.

My son packed his backpack to the brim (and then added a paper flower for his teacher).  He was beaming with such smiles when he walked into school.  And, the first thing he told me about when I picked him up at dismissal was how “cool” his teacher thought all our stuff was.

My youngest is an active three year old that is learning how it feels when he does something to help someone.  And, by having him participate in something like this each day, I am finding that he is engaging himself in helping others without being asked (which is I prefer to have happen rather than taking apart his dresser–ohyeshedid–or poking holes in my window screens).

We also realized that we can ask the school counselor if there are other supplies that students or families may need.  And, having a School Supply Scavenger Hunt at the beginning of the school year is a great way to get the kids involved in buying extra supplies that can go to kids in need.