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“Mom, Mom! That is Allie’s car!” Little Brother couldn’t contain his excitement; he had spotted his babysitter’s car in the parking lot.

I looked over to where he pointed, and sure enough, there was her little blue bug.

“Mom, get the KINDNESS KIT!” Little Brother quickly released the seatbelt buckle and readied for permission to get out.

“What are you going to do,” I asked him from the back of the van as I pulled out our kindness Kit.

“I am going to leave her a nice note!” Little Brother took the Kindness Kit bag that I held out to him. “She is going to be so surprised! She will LOVE it!”

Little Brother recruited Big Brother to write a nice note as well. Within two minutes, the boys finished the notes, placed them under her windshield wipers, and buckled back into the car. We drove off, fueled with the excitement of our kindness adventure and ready to finish our errands.

What else have we done with the Kindness Kit?

We have completed dozens of “on the go” acts of kindness all made possible because we keep basic supplies on hand.

  • Left a note and paper flowers for a friend that missed school because he was sick.
  • Brought a nice note and flowers to a Sunday School teacher that had a family emergency.
  • Left a Homeless Care Kit for a man in need.
  • Cheered up a crying kid in a restaurant with a magic trick. (The boys have done this one several times.)
  • Gave out stickers at a grocery store to a crying toddler.
  • Gave a sticker to a gentleman who was grumpy (he smiled!).
  • Left a nice note to a member of the waitstaff at our favorite restaurant. (this is one of our favorites to do)

Most of the time, our acts of kindness are completed on the go because like most families, we are going places. The doctor, piano practice, the store, and all of those places have people that need kindness!

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