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Act of Kindness for a Neighbor: Taking Love to Others

We made some paper flowers to deliver to a neighbor down the street. We don’t know her, but she always has a smile for everyone.

We walked to her house and arrived just as she was getting home from her day at work. We gave her the flowers AND she loved them.

My youngest asked,”Can we come in your house?” (he heard a bunch of dogs madly barking with joy–he can never pass up a puppy) She graciously said,”yes,” and we went in for a very quick visit.

She made a big deal of putting the flowers in water (even though they are totally fake), and the boys loved that.

And then we found out that she was preparing for a difficult event this weekend. She shared the preparations that were underway and shared with us her testimony of love and of God. And, though the boys were busy chasing the dogs, they were there and heard her sweet thoughts and saw how much joy you can bring with something as simple as paper flowers.

If we had decided not to do something today, we wouldn’t have known about our neighbor and her difficult weekend.  We wouldn’t have had a chance to hear her thoughts and show her that others care about her.

Walking home, we passed a neighbor shoveling tons of dirt in his yard readying it for new grass. The three year old stopped, reached for a nearby shovel, and said: How can I help?

I loved it. And, even though the neighbor wasn’t ready for my guy to start throwing dirt around (because, frankly, that is what it would turn into), it made an impression on all of us.

At the end, I asked my five year old what he thought about giving the flowers. He said,”It made me feel good because I saw how good it made her feel.”

And that is motivation to try and serve a little every day with my kids even when all of my laundry is wrinkled on the floor rather than folded and in my dresser.