10-15 minutes is all it takes to make an impression on a preschooler! Plan for smaller experiences, shorter acts of kindness, to be key in teaching toddlers and preschoolers to be kind. Not sure where to start? Read books on kindness and go from there!

Family Fun Activities to Give to Others

Many families spend time and effort in giving to their neighbors, friends, and family in acknowledgment of the love and appreciation that they have for them. Many give for reasons that are tied to religious holidays and traditions. Do you

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Act of Kindness: Letters to a Senior Home

Holiday times can be very lonely for seniors or the elderly.  Letters received, even from those they don’t know, lift the spirits and bring holiday cheer to those living in Senior Homes, or nursing homes.  We took on a project being

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Act of Kindness: Burying Treasure

Welcome to the series: Acts of Kindness for Toddlers and Preschoolers! Pennies of Time has joined up with 4 other kid experts to give you easy, simple acts of kindness that toddlers and preschoolers can do. The focus of Pennies

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Acts of Kindness for Moms

When one of my sisters had a baby, a few weeks ago, I knew that we had to do it to help my boys celebrate their new cousin and have a better understanding of what moms do. We started with

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