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Creating Happier Families features Pennies of Time and the work that is happening in raising kind kids, families that give back. A great read to hear how families can serve and how Pennies of Time started! Check it out!

“What I learned right then, because my kids lasted longer than I did, was this little bitty act of kindness everyday really built up their work muscles, their empathy muscles, their problem solving muscles!”
– Sheila with Pennies of Time

How to Raise Kind Kids

American Profile features Pennies of Time family! See how experts, including Pennies of Time’s own Sheila, talk about how to raise kind kids.

“When you make an effort, as a parent, to model kindness, it doesn’t take long for kids to pick it up themselves.”
– Sheila with Pennies of Time

Daily Point of Light Award

President Bush’s Points of Light Foundation and Disney honored the Sjolseth Family and Pennies of Time with a Daily Point of Light Award in honor of National Family Volunteer Day, one of only 10 families selected globally to be highlighted in 2015.

“It’s not big acts of service that changes kids,” says Sheila. “It’s the small daily repetitive actions, that 20 minutes a day where we all think about something else other than ourselves.


Practicing Kindness at Home with Sheila Sjolseth with Corner on Character

Barbara Gruener and Sheila Sjolseth discuss how to infuse more kindness at home! Sheila Sjolseth, the Founder of Pennies Of Time, who started her Kindness Crusade with her boys when they were toddlers; find out how one family intentionally carved out time every day to practice kindness at home and out in their community.

Edspiration: Getting Kids to Care | Teach empathy & kindness with service

John Linney interviewed Sheila on Edspiration “Getting Kids to Care | Teach empathy & kindness with service”. Young people believe that adults are more interested in having students who achieve than having students who care for others. We have to change that belief. Leading with compassion will lead students and others to do the same. Young people often complain, “I’m bored,” but how do you get them to think how they can serve and help others? Guest Sheila Sjolseth explains how life-changing service can take just seconds

Army Wife Network – Show 575: Pennies of Time: Teach Kids to Serve 

Guest, Sheila Sjolseth, from Pennies of Time discusses her 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves as a resource to guide families in the practical journey of caring for others. Pennies of Time provides ideas for acts of kindness, successful mentoring programs for families, and support that builds compassionate capacity . . . all focused to help families become involved in the community and raise kind kids.

Kindsight 101 – #19: 20+ Actionable Ways to Integrate Kindness into your Curriculum Starting Monday

Sheila Sjolseth brings to life acts of kindness and service projects that families and kids can do. In her daily adventures of serving with her young boys, she has witnessed the awesome things that happen when kids serve others. She started serving daily with her boys in 2012, when they were 3 and 5 years old. What started as a way to teach her kids empathy has transitioned to a way of life and a connection with thousands of others.