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What Kids Can Do to End Modern Day Slavery

What Kids Can Do to End Modern Day Slavery

“Is this dirty chocolate?” Little Brother asked me, perched on the car’s door frame, about to jump out and start another day at school. Valentine’s Day morning, Little Brother lovingly

My Kid is Becoming a Butthead

Dear Sheila, I am afraid my kid is becoming a butthead. He is often a self-entitled jerk even though I have not raised him to be that way. I often

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Check Out Pennies of Time in the Press! Facebook Interviews Articles Creating Happier Families features Pennies of Time and the work that is happening in raising kind kids, families


Join Sheila on a journey through a magical land visiting families struggling to be kind in an unkind world. Creating Kindness at Home is a storybook parenting resource that helps parents


Results of Pennies of Time Programming Since 2014 5000 Hours of Direct Service to Families 1,453 Virtual Kindness Camps863 Family Mentoring215 Organization Mentoring903 Events (Online and In-Person) Pennies of Time


Create Compassionate Problem Solvers We envision a world where families are kind, empathetic, and understanding of differences. We believe this is possible by raising our kids to become compassionate problem


“So much of life, so much of what shapes us and our country, all begins right here at home.” Oveta Culp Hobby “My kids don’t get along!” “My middle schooler