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Using Children’s Books to Teach Kindness

Books are a great way to show children examples of kindness and build awareness of needs in the community. Often times, it is easier to learn about a situation by talking about it through

Kindness Academy

Support for You to Help Raise Kind Kids Lost in trying to teach your kids to be kind? We have specifically designed The Kindness Academy for you! The Kindness Academy has

Kid Abolitionist Pennies of Time End Slavery

KID Abolitionist

Reaching out to help kids, families, communities to build awareness & combat modern-day slavery. Sharing ideas, events, & bringing others together! Families want to be involved in helping end modern-day



10-15 minutes is all it takes to make an impression on a preschooler! Plan for smaller experiences, shorter acts of kindness, to be key in teaching toddlers and preschoolers to

Acts of Kindness at the Hotel

During our recent Kindness Quest Road Trip, we really tried to find ways to be kind during our entire vacation. One of the easiest places to complete acts of kindness is