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Kindness Kit

“Mom, Mom! That is Allie’s car!” Little Brother couldn’t contain his excitement; he had spotted his babysitter’s car in the parking lot. I looked over to where he pointed, and

Kindness Hunt

Had it up to HERE with being asked to do more stuff with your kids when your plate is already full? But, still, you want to be better at getting

Why the Name?

“To develop the importance of being kind in my children, I need simple ideas, ideas that can be completed quickly and still have meaning.” “So, where do you work,” Big

Thanking the Mail Carrier

“Who is someone that visits your house almost every day of the week and knows your name?” Looking around the 1st-grade classroom, the kids gave a mixture of thoughtful and

The Technology Addict: Brad’s Story

Solution Media Contract Foster Skills and Talents Kindness Hunts Compassion Conversations Results Brad and his mom implemented a Media Contract. Although the first week of implementing the contract was bumpy,

When Your Toddler Is Unkind

All toddlers will experience conflict, particularly in social settings like at a park or in a play group. Parents often find themselves not knowing how to navigate the situation and

My Kids Fight Instead of Being Kind

Dear Sheila, I try to do service projects with my kids but they always end up fighting at the end. And, even after seeing people that are homeless, they are