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Service Project for Kids: Bags of Mulch to Help Homeless Kids

Adam and his brother are known to have
generous hearts and are the boys that include everybody on the playground.

Adam is eight years old, and at the beginning of the school year, he was looking for a way to make a difference.  He wanted to help fill up backpacks with supplies and looked around for ways to do that.  When his family ended up with a surplus of mulch, they came up with a better idea.

Bags of mulch in exchange
for donations to help the homeless.Adam went to work and bagged 13 bags of mulch.  Within a couple of days, he had already received donations in exchange for 5 bags of mulch.  His goal:  30 bags.

I had a conversation with Adam to learn more about his project and why he is doing this.

Me:  Tell me about your project.
Adam:  I have bags of mulch and am asking for money to help homeless people.

Me:  What is the suggested amount per bag?
Adam:  A donation of $10.

Me:  How will that help homeless people?
Adam:  I am going to give it to Captain Hope’s Kids.  They help kids that are homeless.

Me:  Why is helping the homeless important to you?
Adam:  I really want to help save their lives.  Homeless people don’t have a home or food.  They could starve to death.

Me:  Do you ever see homeless people?
Adam (quiet):  Yeah, at Wal-mart

Me:  What do you get when you help people?
Adam:  I feel good and happy.  I see a smile on their face.

(I have to mention that my call to him came right at the moment that he caught a lizard.  And, you know what?  He STILL took the time to talk to me even though he was totally ready to check out his new lizard friend, very impressive young man!)

Adam and his family totally exemplify the quote from Theodore Roosevelt:

Do what you can, with what you have,

where you are.