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Service Project for Kids: Delivering Supples for Homeless Children

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By the time we picked up the oldest from school, we had added baby formula to the donation pile to donate to help homeless children.  The drive would take us 45 minutes.  We packed snacks, went to the bathroom, and set forward on our journey.

We were so excited when we arrived (only a small portion of that joy was due to the fact that we were relieved to be done with traffic)!

While there, Brenda, part of Captain Hope’s Kids staff, was very kind to my boys.  We talked briefly about why we were there and what we had been doing.  She gave us a tour of their “resource area” where they have items to help fill needs from the 49 homeless shelters and agencies in the Dallas area.  I knew what their needs are.  But, to see shelves (some empty) of basic necessities just, again, brought home the needs that we can fill.

It was also a good reminder that children come in all shapes and sizes.  She said that they had needs for clothes from the smallest infant size to size 44.

It was good for my boys to go with me to the donation site.  It was good for us to periodically discuss what we were doing during the drive there and during the return trip.  They don’t have the verbal capacity to wax loquaciously on the benefits for both the giver and the receiver, but they do understand when they see empty shelves, when they see supplies packed for a delivery, when they hear adults talking about the needs of others.

So, I asked Everett what he thought about his idea and the result of it.  “I am glad that we did it because we helped kids that need help.  We have lots of stuff and they don’t.  It is good for us to share.”

In the end, my boys said that they wanted to go back.  It was a journey well worth the effort.  Captain Hope’s Kids, we will be back!