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Service Project for Kids: Donating Busy Books Made at Service Birthday Party

What can little kids do to help others?
WAY more than the average person thinks.
We recently held a service birthday party for our boys’ birthday party and had several great service projects for kids completed there.  The first service project for kids was making cards for the residents of a nursing home, the second service project was making busy books for the local children’s hospital, and the third was to visit the nursing home with all our friends to deliver our cards and visit with them.
Here are some TOP SECRET shots of our fellow Secret “Service” Agents!
ALL of them helped with the service projects.  The youngest–2 years old.  The oldest–13 years old.  There were 14 families with their children at the party.
What a way to bring it as a FAMILY!!!!
It has been less than a week since our visit.  One family has already been back to visit.  Many other families are planning to go back and visit during the holiday season.
Here is a message that the director sent me yesterday:
 . . .  thanks for coming. The residents LOVED it and I could see the joy on their faces on Saturday. Also the staff here was very encouraged and wants me to pass kudos on to you for getting your children involved in things that matter so much! You all are a blessing!
And, the busy books?  The 260 busy books that we made for the children’s hospital.  We delivered them last night!  The volunteer’s eyes just about popped out when we told her what we were bringing!

We’ve had several conversations about the party with our boys.  One of the best ones was yesterday in the car drive home from the hospital.

Mom:  How was that?  How was doing the whole service party?

6 year old:  Y-E-S and N-O (he spells he answers whenever he gets a chance)

Mom:  What do you mean?

6 year old:  Part of the party was work.

Ahhhhh, and then a great conversation about what service is . . . how it is work, the kinds of work that it can be, and how that work can be hard sometimes.

AWESOME!!  This is exactly the type of exchange I want to be having with my children.

Secret "Service" Agent Birthday Party