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Service Project for Kids: Helping the Homeless, Our Family Service Project

Our Family Service Project designed to get our family in on helping the homeless was a smashing success!  We were able to collect over 60+ bags and boxes of necessary supplies for children who are homeless.  The boys were so excited to see how people took on the invitation to help with the project!

You can see the boys in the back of the picture.  We had a few more donations collected after the picture was taken, but you can see the generosity of others in this picture!

We asked Captain Hope’s Kids to send a truck to collect the donations.  They were able to (and I was relieved).  Pick-up day was rainy and wet.

As soon as I announced the truck’s arrival, both boys beelined it for the garage to help.  They didn’t even want to stop to put on coats or shoes.  With their socks (which got wet pretty soon), they ran, not walked, but ran back and forth from the garage to the truck with such enthusiasm.  At several points, the delivery guy wasn’t at the door to put in the donation, and the boys were chomping at the bit to be tall enough to be able to put the bags in the truck all by themselves.

The next morning, Evy and I woke up bright and early to go volunteer with toy sorting at Captain Hope’s Kids.  Evy came down in a tie.  “Mom, I need to look my best.”

We sorted toys, wrapped toys, counted toys, and ran to and fro . . . well, Evy did most of the running; he was a great mover!

While there, we had a great time, worked VERY hard, and met many great and fun people!