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Service Project for Kids: Making Bandanas to Donate to Shelters

Making bananas for dogs to donate to the animal shelter is a great service project for kids of all ages.  All five kids were active and happy while making their own bandanas to donate.

Bandanas make the dogs more likely to be adopted.  Kind of a way to increase their chances of catching someone’s eye for a further look.

Here are some links for ideas if you want to make bandanas.  My sister was able to include *all* of the children in making easy bandanas.  (Our kids ranged in age from 2 to 7.)  She guided the material while the kids manned the pedal on the sewing machine.  They made two sizes:  large and small.  And, every single child thought this was the coolest thing to do.

Easy Bandana Directions
Slide On Bandana Tutorial Information

Check out how awesome these puppies look with those bandanas around their necks.

Making Bandanas to Donate to an Animal Shelter

And, I thoroughly enjoyed serving with another mom and her kids.  It was great for my boys to hear someone else talk about what is gained from serving.  It was awesome to draw on another mom’s skills, talents, and perspective when serving.  And, it will be a memory that we have built together and that they will remember as well!

To see how the donation went:, watch the video:
act of kindness for animals