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Service Projects for Kids on MLK Day

We are so excited to be off from school on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! It is the MLK Day of Service.  And, we thought we would share with you what we are going to do.  Each of these projects does not take long to do and can be done as we go about our usual activities for the day.

4 Service Projects for the MLK Day of Service

Service Idea #1:  We handed out our last hygiene while we were traveling for the holidays.  We will be making 2 Homeless Care Kits in a Sock.

Service Idea #2:  We have invited over an elderly friend for dinner.  The boys have picked out the menu and are excited to make dinner.  “We get to use a KNIFE to make dinner!” is what I heard from them when planning it out.  (Hoping they don’t get too enthusiastic about that.)  UPDATE:  We just found out that it is her birthday and we are breaking out the streamers to give her a surprise dinner!

Service Idea #3:  We are also going to take flowers to a senior we met during one of our visits to the nursing home recently.  For more ideas on How to Help the Elderly.

Service Idea #4:  One of the last things we will do is try and do a quick clean up by the creek that we usually clean on a weekly basis.  It has been too cold to be in the creek for the past couple of months.  It is time for us to make the effort and check in with how trashy it has become in our absence.

I encourage you to reach out with your children to help someone today.  It can be as simple as making it their mission to:

  • Hold doors open for others
  • Smile at others
  • Let others play first
  • And, Little Brother’s favorite:  Hand out stickers to other kids at the grocery store.