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Serving During the Holidays: Service Advent Calendar

Props to fellow “Penny of Time” Adventuring Mom, Diana, for messaging me this idea.

Many of our families count down to our holiday celebration time.  Quite a natural thing with children!  We seem to count down to all special events (and even some that may not seem so special).

This idea is to take an advent calendar and count down to the holiday by doing an act of service each day.  No matter what holiday you celebrate, I think that “counting down” by completing a small act of service each day will enrich each of our holiday experiences this year.

I found some examples.  Take a look.  Hopefully, you’ll find some ideas that will be great for your own “count down!”

Holiday Service Calendar from Mom It Forward
Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar
Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar from Everyday Road to Healthy
The 24 Days of Service Advent Calendar from Duke and Duchesses
Christmas Advent Calendar from Events to Celebrate

Documents that may help (loaded on
Random Acts of Kindness Chart Document from Little Light of Mine
Random Acts of Kindness Tags Document (to use with the document above)

Service Ideas for the Holidays, go check them out!

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