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Shopping that Gives Back

For this Second Tinsel Post, I wanted to share with you organizations that “give back” through their businesses, through purchases that we make.  As many of us are gearing up for holiday shopping, several people have asked about businesses with a service or kindness focus.  If we are making purchases for the holiday season with our children, we can talk with them about how even those purchases can be made with organizations that focus on positive social impact.  Maybe something here will be of interest to you and your children as you complete your holiday shopping.

The following are lists of recommended organizations that give back through your purchases. Take the time to look at the companies with your kids and make good decisions based on the quality of the product, how the company gives back, and which ones are most meaningful for your family.

Mom it Forward has a guide on companies that gift back when you make a purchase.

Multicultural Kid Blogs created a guide of trusted organizations that do good with their funds.

College Candy recommends 7 Brands that Give Back When You Shop

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