I’m Overwhelmed!

Dear Sheila,

Yes, I need to do this. My kids need more kindness; I need more kindness. The thing is, I am already overwhelmed. Can you give me one step to start?

– “Keep It Simple” Mom

Dear “Keep It Simple” Mom,

You aren’t alone in feeling overwhelmed. Yes, there is a single step you can take, and it will be a building block for developing the skills of kindness and compassion in your family. And, sticking with the strategy behind Pennies of Time, my suggestion is to infuse kindness into an activity you already do with your children: Reading to them.

Use the quieter moments of a bedtime story to provide an opportunity to talk about how a character is affected when someone is kind or unkind. At the same time, connect that character’s experience with one of your own.

Learn how to go on a Kindness Hunt while reading with your kids!

Need a book suggestion to start?

Try: One Smile

Let’s get this kindness action going!


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Hear about a family in a similar situation.
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