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Summer of Kindness Programs

Summer of Kindness End Boredom

“Mom, I’ve got an idea to help the homeless,” excited, Big Brother rushed into the car.

“Yeah, and we were talking and I have some creek cleanup idea,” Little Brother adamantly added.

I sat in the front seat of our aging white Honda and listened as they outlined very fun ideas that they wanted to try for service projects this summer.

“So, can we do it?”

“One of the things you need to do is budget out what things are going to cost, and then we can get started,” I replied.

About an hour later, the boys had their budget goals and a plan to raise the money . . . they were going to pet sit. They call their business “Bros Who Care” Pet Sitters! And I realized that we are going to have a very busy summer.

I love having my summers filled with swimming, playing, camping, and kindness. Last year, Pennies of Time hosted summer events igniting kindness in our communities. They events were so popular that we are bringing them back, better than ever!

Check them out and I look forward to seeing you around this summer as we all have a Summer of Kindness!


Summer of Kindness End Boredom

“Mom, I’m boooooored.”

“Mom, he’s hitting me.”

“Mom, she’s touching me.”

Reality is that we hear the phrase “I’m bored” way too often during ‘down time’ of holidays or summer break. And, often times, the amount of arguments overwhelm.

Instead of the parents (that’s us) working trying to fill the day, let’s get our kids working on helping others and being kind. As we do acts of kindness, gratitude grows, entitlement diminishes, and kindness ripples out into the community. Total win for everyone here!

Pennies of Time is providing programming to help you have a Summer of Kindness!

Kindness Facebook Party

The Best Party on Facebook is BACK!

A Kindness Party with all things related to kindness and motivating kids, families, and communities to do good!

Join us for ideas, giveaways, tips, resources, and FUN with a great bunch of Kindness Experts!

All FREE because we CRAZY love talking about this stuff!

And, we’ll have some great prizes to give away that will help you get that kindness goodness going!

At our last Kindness Party, party-goers from across the world joined in to share ideas and great kindness insight. Please join in with as we get that kindness action going again!

Virtual Kindness Summer Camp Raise Kind Kids

Kindness Experts from Small Acts, Big Change, About Proximity, Let’s Do Some Good Today,Pennies of Time, and Trust Me, I’m a Mom are hosting 6 weeks of ideas, resources, videos, and kindness fun!

Each day for 6 weeks, you will have access to videos, acts of kindness prompts, and tips and know-how from experienced Kindness Camp Counselors. Use these ideas with your own kids or gather the neighborhood together for a good time in helping others.

Topics for this Virtual Kindness Summer Camp include:

Summer Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness to do WITH Your Kids

Talk Justice and Kindness Playgroups

Kindness Books and Crafts

And More!

Additionally, campers that enroll in the Virtual Kindness Summer Camp will have access to give-aways through the course as well as a private Facebook group where we can connect, ask questions, share ideas, and cheer each other on in our mission to raise kind kids.

Kindness Academy Answer to Raising Kind Kids

The Kindness Academy:

The Answer to the Challenge of Raising Kind Kids

e-courses, resources, and tools

all designed with YOU in mind

Check it Out!