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Tag: For Friends

Act of Kindness: Cheer Poster

One of the things that we like to do is make a Cheer Poster.  Basically, you make a poster that “cheers” on someone.  An easy and inexpensive act of kindness

Act of Kindness: Collage Message

We needed to send a funny card to a friend of the family who is battling cancer.  We decided to take fun photos and put it together. The thing is

Acts of Kindness with Balloons

My sweet husband found some helium balloons. What a great guy! He knows that we love them and have been wanting to do a “Penny of Time” Adventure, acts of kindness

Act of Kindness for a Friend: Photo Card

We have a family friend who was in a serious accident. She is paralyzed but making incredible progress in the hospital, especially since doctors thought she wouldn’t be alive today.