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Tag: In the Neighborhood

Act of Kindness: Serving the SPCA

Today we went on our first “service project with friends” for 2013.  And we had a great time! We brought supplies to the SPCA from the wish list on the

Caroling for the Elderly

This evening, we gathered with friends and went to a local nursing home to sing Christmas carols. It wasn’t hard to set up and what made it easier was that

Acts of Kindness with Balloons

My sweet husband found some helium balloons. What a great guy! He knows that we love them and have been wanting to do a “Penny of Time” Adventure, acts of kindness

Act of Kindness: Picking Up Litter

Picking up litter is an easy act of kindness that is free and always seems needed.  We keep a couple of bags in the car just for this reason. Today,