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Teaching Kindness in the Family: Kindness Crocodile

Last week, we introduced the “Kindness Crocodile” to our family.  He is a small stuffed animal with a secret hidden pouch.  He is one strategy to help with teaching kindness in the family!

I was inspired by an idea from Frugal Fun 4 Boys:  Sibling Squabbles and Kindness Car.  Go check out the Frugal Fun 4 Boys link and see how she inspired kindness amongst all her boys.

Our Kindness Crocodile has a job to “show” when a kindness has been done for someone else in the family.  And, his secret pouch is to carry a secret KIND messages for others.

Teaching Kids to be Kind

Here is how he works:

  • You place the Kindness Crocodile at a spot where you have been kind (completed a chore, left a treat or a message, or some other awesome kindness act) to someone in the family.
  • When the recipient finds the Kindness Crocodile, it is her turn to complete a kindness for someone else and leave the Kindness Crocodile for someone else to find.

Why would you want to do this:

  • Do you need greater goodwill in your home?
  • Do you feel like there are too many fights amongst the children in your home?
  • Do you hear too many “I Want” and “ME” statements in your house?

Then, try using an object as a way to pass along kindness acts.  Attach a baggie or pouch to the object for a “kind note”–I am pretty sure those kind notes or pictures will be treasured keepsakes for your family members.

Today, I was the recipient of the Kindness Crocodile.  Someone cleaned the room for me, including putting up the futon and all!!

Kindness in the Family

Since welcoming the Kindness Crocodile into our home.  We have shared the idea with other families . . . the Kind Koala and the Giving Goldfish are now residing in other homes sharing out the kind things being done for others.

A great way to jump start this idea with your family, use a book.  Here are my suggestions.