Thankgiving Act of Kindness: Say Thank You with a Fingerprint Turkey Note

We are sharing our gratitude for others this month using these cute Fingerprint Turkey Notes!
We found that the BEST feathers were made from stamp pads that had several colors on the same pad.  You can cross over the colors to make multi-colored feathers, just like on a real turkey!

After we made the notes, we sat down and wrote some really heartfelt sentiments to our neighbors.  We wanted to say thank you, thanking them for specific things that we remember that they have done.  Writing thank you notes is always fun for us.  We have big plans for how we are going to deliver these notes and can’t wait to see how it turns out!  To see what we did, visit: Act of Kindness for Our Neighbors:  A Gift of Gratitude

Tara Ziegmont has some great ideas to incorporate when writing thank you notes in her post:  Thank you notes teach more than writing.

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