Kinder Kids = Happier Families

The Kindness Kangaroo is a Powerful Tool in building Family Kindness Habits! Start a #roorevolution in your family!

“He is the perfect motivator for my kids. I don’t have to push kindness. They love doing things for all of us and leaving him behind as the signal. YAY for a kindness game that keeps on going.”
Megan, Mom of 4

“The kids named our kindness kangaroo after our sweet, kind neighbor. She was so touched to hear that they notice those habits about her. AND, Sharon the Kindness Kangaroo has already become a kindness change agent in our home.”
Daniella, Mom of 3

The Kindness Kangaroo has been around for several years with Pennies of Time, only available through limited giveaways. That is changing! This amazing Roo will be available for all homes that need an easy way to keep the kindness action going. 

How does the Kindness Kangaroo work?

  • With the accompanying guidebook and gameboard, the Kindness Kangaroo guides your family on the journey of becoming kind. The journey that leads our families to a transformation of kindness and increased happiness!
  • He is the kindness mascot that helps create a cyclical game focused on acts of kindness that family members do for one another.
  • He helps kids “see” need and have the courage to respond to needs.

Paired with the science of kindness and child development, The Kindness Kangaroo has been specifically designed to meet your family and your kids where they are and facilitate learning the skills needed to be kind and empathetic.

Kindness Action That Keeps On Going!

The Kindness Kangaroo will be sold soon! Please contact our Kindness Kangaroo Keeper, Maria, for details: