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Videos on Kindness and Serving Others: 5 Favorites

On a busy day, in a pinch, or when we are all feeling tired, we still are able to talk about kindness and helping others.

We use a video, book, or song.

 Here are our favorite kindness videos:

 This is one that we tend to revisit when talking about “kind talk” and compliments.

The following video always gets us on the topic of we never know how our kind or unkind actions will affect another.  Better to be kind.

This video reminds us of the book “One Smile“–how kindness goes out and may come back to you.

About a boy that gives up a precious new coat for someone in need.  (this makes me cry a bit)

“The power of working together to make change” is always a great conversation to have.  This video helps springboard that for us.

More Resources: