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What Young Kids Say About Serving Others

After completing the start of “Pennies of Time” adventures this week, I wanted to ask my boys about what they thought of their daily adventures with service.  This was our first conversation of the day.

An Interview with a Five Year Old

Me:  What do you think of us doing the “Pennies of Time” adventures?

Five Year Old:  Happy.

Me:  Why does it make you happy?

Five Year Old:  Because it is giving things to people that they need.

Me: What happens to people when we do a “Penny of Time” adventure?

Five Year Old:  They feel good because are helping them.  We are helping them with something that they need.

Me:  Which “Penny of Time” adventure have you liked the most so far?

Five Year Old:   The VENDING MACHINE!

Interview with a Three Year Old

Me:  What do you think of being nice to others?

Three Year Old:  Not be mean, and not fight, and not punch, and not fight.  It was good to give water at school.

Me:  Was it hard to do the “Pennies of Time” adventures?

Three Year Old:  No, it was fun!